Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'ma Make Y'all Love Me, Baby...

I'm not even gonna front...My only intention with this blog is to make y'all regret the day Negroes learned how to read, write, and therefore think for themselves - PERIOD.

I'ma also gonna tell y'all now, a lot of the things that you are going to read on this blog are going to sound judgemental - and best believe, you got that shit ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

I am going to blast off on all types of topics, including other Negroes, non-Negroes, politics, urban life, entertainment, my own dumb ass and if she's anywhere in my vicinity when I'm typing, even your mother! But in any judgements I make about issues, I will NEVER JUDGE PEOPLE, JUST SITUATIONS, because we are all FUCKED UP in one way or another, and believe me, when you hear me talk this shit I talk, you will quickly see that I am no better than y'all, nor will I ever profess to be.

Now I will admit, there will probably be times that I sound like a real asshole, other times like a Black Republican, and even occasionally, like that brother that cock-blocked you at the martini bar last weekend, when you had on your tailor-made Van Heusen suit, buying those sexy 20-somethings all of those free Patron shots, lying about your job, and I asked you after a few L.I.T.'s of my own, "Are those your daughters?" In reality though, I'm just as normal as any of you that are reading these rants.

I have been blessed to experience a lot at an early age (if you consider your 30's early) and without running my whole resume like a cornball, I have a Masters Degree and have been fortunate to have a number of different managerial jobs over the years. But more important than any of these surface-level accomplishments, is the fact that I have always OBSERVED everything around me, and have actually taken the time to try and make sense of this world, not only from my perspective, but the perspective of OTHERS. I read a lot as well, especially publications that help me find my way as a Black male, like W.E.B. DuBois, Carter G. Woodson, Eldridge Cleaver, Cornel West and Barack Obama.

However, rest assured, I'm am in no way a Black Elitist, bourgeoisie ("booshie" for my hood Negroes), or anything of the sort. In fact Negroes, I'm from the same hood y'all from, played ball in the same courts y'all did, grew up with the same crackheads y'all did, and sexed or got "top" from the same hood-booger and tramp-stamp broads y'all have, in the same pissy staircases, on the same couches, in the same public bathrooms and in the same backseats y'all have. So goes the dichotomy of my life.

At any rate, this blog is going to be therapeutic for me, because like y'all, I got shit to deal with, and I'ma work my shit out by going hard at things that affect my daily experience. In doing this, I hope I can bring a little extra insight to your world and maybe if I'm lucky, entertain you a little bit.

I'm also gonna let some of my peoples get up on this blog from time to time and holla at y'all about the nonsense they deal with, just so y'all can truly see that this Negro ain't at all crazy.

In the end, I promise to hold nothing back from y'all no matter how outlandish it may seem, and I promise that on this blog you will always get REAL TALK (I hate that dumb-ass phrase, but I couldn't think of any better way to phrase it). Like the tagline says, "Ain't No Science To This Shit", I'm just talking. But please know, I'MA MAKE Y'ALL LOVE ME...

Recklessly Yours,

A Negro and A Keyboard


  1. I Love Young Angry Blogs. Tell them why you mad son!!!!!!

  2. Look forward to reading!